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Need new contacts? The Delaware, Ohio, eye doctors at Delaware Vision Care understand that glasses aren’t for everyone with vision difficulties. If you prefer contact lenses, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a variety of lens types that can give you clear, comfortable vision, even if your eyes are hard to fit.

We are your Contact Lens Headquarters Offering a Variety of Contacts Including:

  • Daily wear
  • Extended wear
  • Bifocal
  • Astigmatic
  • Monovision
  • Colored
  • Disposable

Would you like the convenience of ordering contacts online?

YourLens cares about your eyes! If you prefer to order your lenses online, be sure to purchase from the website approved by your doctor, YourLens.com.

We will register your current prescription so it’s on file – ready to order when you are! An email will be sent within 24 hours of your registration. Rest assured that your online contact lens purchase is being filled by a qualified, doctor-approved source.


These special lenses add a little “sparkle” to your eyes! For those who do not want a drastic change in eye color, these designs blend seamlessly with your eyes’ color and patterns for a look that’s as unique as you are.

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Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

We highly recommend any of our daily disposable lenses. You simply wear them for a day and then dispose of them, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of solutions or cases.

Daily disposables are great for the weekend athlete or for those whose eyes are more sensitive to conventional contact lens wear.

At What Age Do Kids Start to Wear Contacts?

Many of our younger patients start wearing contact lenses at the age of 12 or 13. This is a great option for the more active or athletic child.

Can People Who Need Bifocals Wear Contact Lenses?

Yes! We now have many options for our presbyopic patients, such as a variety of bifocal contacts as well as monovision. In addition, we have a variety of ordering options. You can order directly through our office, through our web site, or through an independent online service.

When you need new contacts, call the eye doctors at Delaware Vision Care in Delaware, Ohio. We are currently welcoming new patients. Our optometrists, optician and vision team provide the exceptional, patient-centered eye care you and your family deserve.

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